How to capture screenshots and record screencasts.

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    Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X - Mac Guides

    From Mac Guides There are several keyboard combinations that can be used to take screenshots in Mac OS X. The SystemUIServer process handles these commands.

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    How To Take Screen Shots Using Windows

    Screen shots, also called "screen captures," are just that: pictures of your Windows computer screen that you choose to take. In taking a screen shot you are copying the image on the screen so that you can paste it into something: a document, an image, a presentation, an email, or other application.

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    How to Record your Screen on a Mac (No App Download Needed!)

    Video tutorial showing you how to record your Mac screen (without downloading any Application) using Quicktime.

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    How to record your screen in Mac OS X for free

    Every now and then, you may need to record a video of your computer screen. Whether you're making a tutorial to teach your friends (or parents) how to do fix a bug, or you just want to show off some new trick on your computer, screen recording is a convenient feature that's useful for all sorts of situations.

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    Mac Basics: QuickTime Player

    Learn about QuickTime Player's media sharing, flexible recording capabilities, and simple media trimming and combining features. How to use QuickTime Player to play media files on your Mac QuickTime Player is a great application for playing media content, including HD (high definition) video in OS X.

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