Seasoned equity offers

SEOs (or seasoned equity offers) are those follow-up equity issuances that follow after IPOs.

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    Seasoned Equity Offering - Boundless Open Textbook

    Read more about seasoned equity offering in the Boundless open textbook.

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    Do Firms Time Seasoned Equity Offerings? Evidence from SEOs Issued Shortly after IPOs by Yi Jiang, Mark Hoven Stohs, Xiaoying Xie :: SSRN

    We examine whether firms take advantage of brief windows of opportunity to time seasoned equity offerings (SEOs) when their equity is substantially overvalued g

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    Investment Banking And The Public Sale Of Equity Securities Professor XXXXX Course Name / Number. - ppt download

    3 Investment Banks Role in Equity Offerings Asset management Corporate finance Trading Investment banking lines of business Investment banks provide advice with structuring seasoned and unseasoned issues, actual sale and post-sale services.

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    Underperformance in long-run stock returns following seasoned equity offerings

    We document that firms making seasoned equity offerings during 1975-1989 substantially underperformed a sample of matched firms from the same industry and of similar size that did not issue equity. This underperformance persists even after controlling for trading system, offer size, and the issuing firm's age and book-to-market ratio.

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    Discounting and Clustering in Seasoned Equity Offering Prices | Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis | Cambridge Core

    Discounting and Clustering in Seasoned Equity Offering Prices - Volume 39 Issue 1 - Simona Mola, Tim Loughran

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