Set up a Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is awesome. It's free and a comprehensive analysis of dozens of things going on in and around your website. The only problem is, it's time consuming to extract the data you need and get back to work. Google made a pretty nice solution to this about a year ago called Dashboards. Now, you can set up the metrics you want to define, and display them in nice, customizable widgets. This is how you set them up.

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    5 Insightful Google Analytics Dashboards - SEOMoz

    With the new features that are released every month, Google Analytics becomes a more powerful tool for tracking conversion rates, engaged visitors, content performance and much more. Along with these new features, you can also find the ability to customize and add up to 20 dashboards to your Google Analytics account.&nbsp;<br><br>This is an article from SEOMoz, one of the leading SEO research companies, about Google Analytics Dashboards. It includes 5 different set-ups for dashboards that you can have.&nbsp;

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    Dashboard pro for Google Analytics iPhone App

    Display your Google Analytics Dashboard directly on your phone.&nbsp;

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    Getting Started With Google Analytics Dashboards

    This is a great explanation of Dashboards and what you can do with them. Start here.&nbsp;

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    How You Easily Setup Actionable Google Analytics Dashboards

    Go through the article to answer questions about how you should actionably should up your metrics. This will help you think through everything.&nbsp;

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    The "Perfect" Google Analytics Dashboard

    Here is an example of what the company Portent has dubbed the Perfect Google Analytics Dashboard. They have two version available that you can download and apply for free. One is for e-commerce websites, and one is for lead generation.&nbsp;<br><br>Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see two bold links. Click on either one to download and apply directly to your Google Analytics account. Set-up is automatic and takes about 5 seconds assuming you have your username and password ready to go or you're already logged in.&nbsp;

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    Custom Google Analytics Dashboards And How To Use Them

    Here are five more examples of Google Analytics Dashboards and how to use them!&nbsp;

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    Analytics for iPad - Google Analytics made easy on your iPad

    This is probably the best way that I've found to view my Google Analytics on my iPad. It costs $6, but it's better than messing around setting up a free app.&nbsp;

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    Google's Guide on How to set up Google Analytics Dashboards

    This comes directly from Google's Help Page. This explains everything about set up that you'll need to know. Use the rest of this toolset as examples on what types of dashboards to set up.&nbsp;

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    Google Analytics Application Gallery - Some Inspiration

    This is a list of third party applications for Google Analytics. Honestly, I'm only including this in here as a way for you to gain some inspiration on the things you can be measuring, and how you can set it up. I wouldn't purchase any of these third party apps, unless you have a very specific reason to do so. Most are pretty expensive and/or monthly payments. And, most of these solutions can be done for free with a little set up.&nbsp;

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