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Growing up in a small, family-owned business, I learned the importance of customer outreach at a young age. In this changing age of media, where print is in its twilight and digital is the up-and-comer, learning how to best utilize the different social media platforms is critical to any business. My parents understand how social media works -- but understanding how it works and understanding how to best optimize it for your business are two completely different animals (That's where I came in). This toolset will take you through how to a) set up your business on these different platforms and b) show you how to best utilize them.

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    8 Step Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

    Here's a brief overview of what you should be doing when beginning your business's social media undertaking.&nbsp;<br><br>Probably the most important thing to remember --&nbsp;<b>make your niche.&nbsp;</b>Give people a reason to keep coming back to your pages. Keep them engaged, interested and hungry.&nbsp;

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    How to create a Facebook business Page

    The title pretty much sums it up. This is right from Facebook, and they give concise instructions on how to set up a business page.&nbsp;

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    10 Ways to Optimize your Facebook page in Less Than 20 Seconds

    This is a great resource on how to optimize your Facebook page in a relatively quick manner of time. If you're new to the game, don't worry. You'll catch on quick. If you've been on Facebook for a while, these are still awesome tips to check out.&nbsp;

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    Twitter for Business

    Twitter is mobile, easy to use and highly efficient. One of the coolest things about Twitter is your business has the opportunity to&nbsp;<b>instantly go viral.&nbsp;</b>If you tweet a funny picture and @ a celebrity and they retweet it, boom. You're on the right track.&nbsp;

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    How To Optimize Twitter: Be Real, Profiles, RT, Hashtags & More

    Starting off on Twitter can be frustrating -- you're following tons of people, not getting a ton of follow backs and it seems like you're not getting any traction.&nbsp;<b>Keep at it.&nbsp;</b>Your customers will come around, you just need to keep the content coming.&nbsp;<br><br><b>Use</b>&nbsp;<b>hashtags, be transparent and engage your customers.&nbsp;</b>

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    Instagram for Business

    Instagram makes anybody with a smartphone into a professional photographer (not really, but it's all about perception, right?).&nbsp;<br><br>Strictly a photo sharing social media platform, Instagram is a fun way to show visuals of your business.&nbsp;<b>Plus, you can link it to Facebook and Twitter.&nbsp;</b>

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    3 Quick Tips To Optimize Instagram for Your Business

    <b>Share, link and hashtag.&nbsp;</b>Use the filters! They allow you to set different moods with what you're trying to convey to your followers/customers.&nbsp;<br>

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    Yelp for Business Owners

    Word of mouth might be the most important facet of reaching out to customers -- more so than social media, advertising, etc. Yelp is a review site that amplifies word of mouth, so listing your business can enhance it. Be prepared --&nbsp;<b>n</b><b>ot all reviews are going to be good&nbsp;</b>-- but if you're running a smooth business, it should be 10 good to 1 bad.&nbsp;

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    Yelp Optimization: How to Claim & Optimize Your Business Listing

    This is an awesome resource that explains how to set your up a business listing on Yelp and also the best ways to optimize it.&nbsp;

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    Vine - The newest member of the family

    Vine is the new kid on the block. It's a 6-second video sharing app that allows users to mash something together -- for example, you can record 2 seconds, then 3 seconds, then 1 second -- and Vine will automatically turn it into a video.&nbsp;<b>It's cool. And new. It's like Twitter, but with easy video sharing.&nbsp;</b>

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    How to set up a YouTube account for business

    A little on the long side, but this YouTube video is informative and helpful in regards to setting up a business channel.&nbsp;

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    How to Optimize YouTube Videos - YouTube SEO - ReelSEO Presentation

    A short Slideshare on why your business should be using YouTube and some ways to optimize views and traffic.&nbsp;

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    Pinterest for Business

    A platform that recently erupted, Pinterest should be one of your go-to social media mediums.&nbsp;<b>It's visual, like Instagram</b>.&nbsp;<br><br>Forget the stereotype that only chicks use Pinterest. Dudes are on it too. Utilize it!&nbsp;

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    10 Tips For Optimizing Pinterest For Business

    An awesome resource on the best ways to optimize your business's Pinterest account. I think #9 is the most important --&nbsp;<b>leave a good first impression.&nbsp;</b>

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