Social Media and Content Marketing Infographics

Just some very cool, informative infographics for content marketers, social media enthusiasts, and people who like their data in graphic form.

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    [Infographic] Social Calls-to-Action Work | Dan Zarrella

    <span>Traditional marketers and sales people have known for years and years that if you want someone to take a specific action, you have to actually ask them to take that action. But for some reason when we made the shift to social media, it suddenly became “uncool” to use calls-to-action.</span>

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    [Infographic] What are the Best Times to Blog? | Dan Zarrella

    In it, I present data I’ve collected over three years about the effect timing has on a variety of online marketing activities, including blogging.&nbsp;Below is an infographic that represents a collection of the three most important stats I have about when to publish blog posts<span>.</span>

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    [Infographic] 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More ReTweets | Dan Zarrella

    Over the years, I’ve done a&nbsp;<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">ton</a><span>&nbsp;of&nbsp;</span><a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">research</a><span>&nbsp;on Retweets. I’ve found 5 specific points that are the most powerful ways to get more ReTweets, so I rolled them up into one simple infographic. If you’re curious where this data came from, check out the two links above.</span>

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    Infographic: The 20 Most (and Least) Connected Words on LinkedIn | Dan Zarrella

    The infographic below shows the 20 most connected common words and the 20 least connected words found in titles and summaries. The vertical axis is the percentage more or fewer connections profiles using those words had compared to the average in my dataset.

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    [Infographic] How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook | Dan Zarrella

    In preparation for our attempt to break last year’s Guinness World record for largest webinar ever–July 12th’s Science of Inbound Marketing–I’ve been collecting piles and piles of new marketing data.One area I focused on recently was Facebook. I collected data on more than 1.3 million posts published on the top 10,000 pages to put together this infographic to help you get more likes, comments and shares on your Facebook posts.

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    [Infographic] How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest | Dan Zarrella

    <span>Data about Pinterest is sparse because they’ve been slow to release their API, but I was able to utilize search engine APIs to pull some data about the trendy new social site. I gathered information on over 11,000 pinned images and did some analysis to create the infographic below.</span>

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