Solving Linear Equations

This toolset will help students in 8th grade math solve linear equations. This topic is based off of the common core math standard, "CCSS.Math.Content.8.EE.C.7 Solve linear equations in one variable."

  1. Linear equations

    Khan Academy offers helpful videos that explain how to do each step in solving a linear equations. Watch all of them to learn how to solv...

  2. Solving Linear Equations

    Here is a video that walks the viewer through the solving of a linear equation.

  3. Cool math Algebra Problem Generator - Solving linear equations of the form ax+b=cx+d

    This is a great page for students to practice solving linear equations. Students press the "Give me a problem" button, solve the equation...

  4. Solving Linear Equations

    This site has written directions on how to solve a linear equation. It starts out with single step equations and expands from there.

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