Spanish apps for beginning Spanish students

There are tons of ways to "learn the language fast." These are just a few apps and websites that are helpful for new Spanish speakers to practice their new found skills.

  1. FetchSpanish

    If building your vocabulary is what you want, this is a good game. It gives the player words and they have to search the board and click ...

  2. Top 10 iPhone Apps for Learning Spanish | Expanish Blog

    This website gives a list of theblogger's top ten Spanish apps for the iPhone/iPad.

  3. Photo Skitch Document

    If you have difficulty conjugating verbs, this is the app for you! They have an extensive library of verbs and conjugates them for you in...

  4. Alphabet*

    Before you can start speaking a language it is important to know how the letters are pronounced. Alphabet* does just that. This app tells...

  5. Read Spanish

    For the student who has a decent sized vocabulary, this is a good app for them to practice their translation of text. The student is able...

  6. Spanish for Beginners | Learn Spanish online for free with VeinteMundos | Learn Spanish online for free with VeinteMundos

    Spanish for Beginners helps you to get basic Spanish knowledge. You can improve your vocabulary and grammar knowledge with VeinteMundos.

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