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    Online Backup & Data Backup Software | Backblaze

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    Appsome- groupon for startups

    Like groupon for geeks and startup folks

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    Startup Tools

    1. Startup Tools Click Here 2. Founding/Running a Startup Advice Click Here 3. Market Research Click Here ----- Startup Tools Getting Started The Lean LaunchPad Online Class - FREE How to Build a Web Startup - Lean Launchpad Edition How to Create a $1M Web Business - Noah Kagan Lists of Tools from Others HBS Startup Tribe Tools...

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    Jumpchart - Simple Website Planning and Wireframing

    <span>Jumpchart is another planning app, but it’s less focused on design and more on the structure and content of the site. Jumpchart lets you create somewhat of an extended sitemap for your design to plan it’s structure ahead of time.</span>

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    InVision - Free Web & Mobile Mockup and UI Prototyping Tool

    <span>inVision is a web application that allows one to create “fully interactive” web prototypes and wireframes that “actually look good”. Users can invite others to create a team, where they can collaborate on a design and offer other feedback to the project in question. As is becoming common in these apps, it integrates well with an iPhone or iPad.</span>

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    Website wireframes: Mockingbird

    <span>Mockingbird is a simple wireframing web app that looks and feels like a native OS X application. Through a selection of predefined wireframe elements, one can build up a functional wireframe for their website and easily modify it through the planning stage.</span>

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    Below you will find a database of some of the best resources on the internet to help get your Startup Weekend business from concept to reality as soon as possible! Startup Digest: the best way to stay connected to your local community Search for Apps/Tools...

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    Mockups & Website Wireframes with ProtoShare

    <span>ProtoShare is another wireframing web app targeted at web designers. ProtoShare allows a designer to create wireframes and associated it with a collaborative discussion in an additional column on the page. Wireframes can be exported into HTML too, so you can make them completely independent of the ProtoShare website.</span>

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