Strategic Event Promotion through Social Media

Promoting an event can be a difficult endeavor. The genesis of the problems many companies face when is that they don't strategically hype the thing they're planning. There's much more to event promotion than tweeting about it a couple times or posting something on your Facebook page. This toolset dives into six different resources on how you can successfully hype your events through social media. I've pulled key tips out of each of them. Enjoy!

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    16 Event Promotion Tips

    This resources incorporates not only social media, but email marketing and SEO as well.&nbsp;<br><br><b>Social Media:&nbsp;</b>Blogger collaboration and speaker promotion&nbsp;<br><b>Email Marketing:&nbsp;</b>Attention-grabbing subject lines&nbsp;<br><b>SEO:&nbsp;</b>Putting your topic/event in the title tag&nbsp;<br>

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    7 Simple Tips to Promote Your Event Effectively

    Focusing on knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects of successfully promoting an event. If you're trying to hype a 5K, you wouldn't direct your marketing efforts at mountain bikers. <b>Pinpoint</b>&nbsp;your target segment!&nbsp;<br><br>Even though newspapers and local publications might be a dying breed, they still serve an important purpose. One of the tips this resource gives is taking out at least one print ad in your area -- this will allow people who aren't on social media platforms to become aware of the event.&nbsp;

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    10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote an Event | Social Media Examiner

    Don't underestimate the power of a cool video! For example, the other day I saw an online vid of one of those new zombie obstacle runs -- not only did it keep me locked in, but it made me want to sign up as well. <b>Visually</b>&nbsp;showing your audience what the event is going to be (and making it look awesome) will increase your odds of hitting the numbers you want.&nbsp;<br><br>If the event you're planning is one where the target needs to purchase tickets, do a giveaway. Society loves the word free, so doing a contest or ticket giveaway will increase awareness and demand.&nbsp;

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    The Do's and Don'ts of using Twitter for Event Promotion | Social Media Strategies Summit Blog

    This might be my favorite resource for this topic because it gives a cut-and-dry list of what you should do to promote your event through social media -- and what you shouldn't. Nobody likes overbearing companies that shove an event in your face.&nbsp;<br><br><b>Do:&nbsp;</b>Keep fans updated and identify points of interest&nbsp;<br><b>Don't:&nbsp;</b>Spam your audience and be bland about the subject&nbsp;<br>

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    Event Promotion: How to Get the Most Out of Social Media [Speakeasy #33] | Constant Contact Blogs

    This short 8-minute podcast gives a really good overview of different social media platforms and how they can be utilized to make the most out of promoting your event.&nbsp;

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    7 Ways to Use Social Media to Rock Your Next Event

    HubSpot is a great resource for anything to do with inbound marketing, and this page about event promotion is no different. It stresses being responsive to your fanbase before, during and after an event --&nbsp;as well as leveraging all of your social media platforms to deliver a single, cohesive message.&nbsp;

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