Study Guide to Microsoft Test 70-483 Programming in C#

This is a collection of web sites that I used to study for the test.

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    Module 1 - Datatypes, Operators, and Expressions, etc

    This is a quick C# tutorial taht covers all the basic language features.<br>

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    Module 1 - Overview of Writing Applications using C#

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    Module 2:

    Named and Optional Arguments (C# Programming Guide)<br>

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    Programming in C# Exam Details and Preparation

    This is the page for the 70-483 exam.&nbsp; I used the Preparation materials located on this page as my own guide for finding resources on the web instead of signing up for the actual training classes.<br><br>I found it much faster to find the materials that I need and teach myself instead of signing up for a 5 day course.<br>

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    Module 2: Creating Overloaded Methods and Using Optional and Output Parameters

    This msdn article gives an excellent overview of how to define and use methods with optional parameters. It also includes a few short example classes.

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