Successful Online Artists Case Studies

Case studies and examples of artists seeing success in selling their work online.

  1. How I Made $50,000 Selling Art on Facebook

    An outstanding case on how Natasha Wescoat made her Facebook page wildly succesful.

  2. Build a Budget for Success: How I Tripled My Income in 2 Weeks

    An example of how this artist started understanding her budget and approaching advertising to triple her sales.

  3. Success Story: Jennifer Lee

    Here is an example of an artist who followed her dream and found success selling her art.

  4. Natasha Wescoat - an Online Artist Success Story

    Here is a success story about an artist who sold her art online.

  5. Inspiring Story of an Artist Who Found Her Place On the Internet

    Here is a success story about an artist who used the internet to promote her work.

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