Teaching about Birds

This toolset includes many resources about birds such as: lesson ideas and plan, videos, websites.

  1. Bird Watching Video

    Use the Bird guide to identify birds andlearn about the life history. Also, watching videos and listening to the sounds will help engage ...

  2. Bird Nests

    An activity packet filled with lessons, worksheets, key concepts and information.

  3. 117 KB
  4. Lessons - The Birds and the Beaks - Lesson Activities | Nature | PBS

    1.Ask your students to look around the room at the posted vocabulary terms. They should already be familiar with most or all of the terms...

  5. Bird Lesson Plan

    Here is an informational lesson plan about birds, it includes handouts, a worksheet and bibliography for children and teacher books.

  6. Bird Day Packet

    This bird day packet includes: Bird Identification, Bird Topography, Habitat for Birds, Adopt-a-Bird Project, Migratory and Resident Bird...

  7. Online Birds Activities

    Play and learn about Birds with fun online games, printables and easy-to-make crafts for kids.

  8. Birds from National Geographic

    Learn all you wanted to know about birds with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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