The basics of using a Canon Rebel T4i

We just purchased a new Canon Rebel T4i. Here are some videos that have helped me understand how the camera works (I'm a bit of a newbie!).

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T4i - the playback features

    The functions of the new touchscreen feature on the T4i.

  2. Canon Rebel T4i Menu System Explained

    A video with a description of each item in the Canon T4i Menu System.

  3. Karl Taylor's FREE Photography Course by Karl Taylor

    This is a simple and free DSLR photography course. It will give you the basics of lighting and taking high quality images.

  4. Canon Rebel T4i External Buttons Tutorial

    A simple explanation in video form of the external buttons on a Canon Rebel T4i.

  5. Canon Rebel T4i Overview

    A simple overview of the Canon Rebel T4i.

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