The basics of using is a great place to upload and share your videos. They allow you to post HD-quality video, and they have an awesome community. Plus, they site looks really cool.

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    How to upload video to Vimeo

    This is exactly how you upload videos to Vimeo. That's it!

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    Vimeo Professional - Business Video Hosting

    This is a great way for businesses to upload and host their videos privately or publicly without ads. You can also integrate directly with Dropbox for quicker uploading.

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    Using the Vimeo Feed

    A simple explanation of how to use the "Feed" to discover videos on Vimeo.

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    Video Page

    A walk-around the video page on Vimeo.

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    Get To Know The New Vimeo: Top Navigation

    Everything you need to know about using the top navigation of Vimeo. A simple explanation of how to navigation the site - you know, find the videos you want to find.

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    The Vimeo Browser

    How to see more related videos of the same video you're currently watching.

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    Profiles on Vimeo

    Want to know how user profiles work on Vimeo? Watch this video!

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    Searching on Vimeo

    How to use the search feature on Vimeo.

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    The Vimeo Feed Manager

    How to control what shows up in your feed. Understanding this helps you locate more relevant content, which is always way better, right?

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    The Vimeo Basics Page

    Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them. This is the page with all the basics and an overview.

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    Vimeo Plus - The premium version of, on it's own, is free. So, if you're just uploading videos every now and then, you probably don't need this. If you want to customize how your videos are shown, maybe this is something you should look into. Vimeo Plus is an affordable way to take control of how your videos appear on the Web. Using the advanced features and customizable tools of Vimeo Plus, your work is presented exactly how you want it to be.

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    Vimeo PRO - an explanation

    Another premium version of Vimeo (again, you don't need to upgrade if you're a basic Vimeo user. Vimeo Pro allows you to upload 50 GB of storage and avoid bandwidth caps. Vimeo PRO is a professional-grade video-hosting platform that's powerful and incredibly affordable.

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    Here's Vimeo. Check it out. Explore some of the videos and collections uploaded to the site. I think you'll be really impressed and inspired! Vimeo is very similar to YouTube, except it's more of a niche community, and the videos are typically higher-quality. They received about 1/16th of the traffic as YouTube, but Vimeo also typically has a much more focused community.

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    Help Center on Vimeo

    If you have any specific questions, you can always go to Vimeo's Help Center. Here, you'll find answers to just about anything you'll want to know.

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