The Best Fundraising Websites

A list of competing event websites

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    Buffalo Charities

    <U>Good:<BR></U>-Testimonials<BR>-Bio of owners<BR>-giveaways<BR>-cool web design<BR>-photo gallery<BR><U>Bad:<BR></U>-No clothing<BR>-Strictly marketing

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    Fundraise Online

    <U>Good:<BR></U>-steps on how to fundraise<BR>-percentage raised<BR>-goal for charity<BR>-success stories<BR>-videos

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    Online Event Registration - Sell Tickets Online with Eventbrite

    <B><U>Good:<BR></U><U><I></I></U>-steps on how it works<BR>-mobile app<BR>-list of event categories<BR><BR><I><U></U></I><U>Bad:<BR></U><U></U>-not very personalized<BR>-all online<BR><U></U></B>

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