The Business of Selling Your Artwork

Business strategies and know-how when trying to sell your artwork.

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    Business Plans for Artists: Here, I Did It for You!

    Jennifer Lee, author of Right Brain Business Plan, and the creator of the Abundant Artist blog share their creative ideas for business plans.

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    Selling Your Art

    Here are some ideas to help you market your art. The speaker provides suggestions for how and where to sell your art.

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    The Wealthy Artist: 6 Myths and 6 Tips on Marketing your Art

    Here are 6 myths and 6 tips on marketing your artwork. The speaker provides helpful tips and explains how you can avoid falling victim to the myths of the art business.

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    15 Ways to Sell Your Art Online

    By Cory Huff. Here are 15 ways that you can sell your artwork online. He also provides several suggestions for selling artwork offline.

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    Business Strategies for Art

    Here are some strategies to consider when starting your business.

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    How to Sell Artwork in a Recession

    Here is some advice on how to sell your work in a weak economy. The advice offered in this article can be helpful for keeping business booming even when times are tough.

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