The Professional Golfing Industry

This is a synopsis of the Professional golfing industry in a lead up to the Kearns Global Business lecture.

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    Why golfers get ahead

    IN A recent Dilbert cartoon, the pointy-haired boss asks: "Who wants to hear about my golf game?" One of his underlings replies: "Maybe someone with locked-in...

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    The art of doing business on the golf course

    Golf isn't merely a leisure sport. It's the martini lunch of the modern workforce, the buoyant venue where business gets done. "Think of it as a six-hour sales call," says Bill Storer, a 22-handicapper who ranks as the Ben Hogan of business golf.

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    PGA Looks to Women to Grow Golf

    An article from Forbes contributor Bridget Brennen on the PGA's latest update to their target market. 

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    With over 25 years in the golf industry, Mark Hackney brings a wealth of knowledge to new Golf Etc. franchisees. His vast experience includes wholesale, retail, manufacturing and global brand management. Mark has been with Golf Etc. for more than 10 years and works with new franchisees on development, vendor relations, sales and marketing.

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    5 Business Lessons Learned on the Golf Course

    BUSINESS TRAVEL Why relationship building on the golf course may be as important as ever for business networking Advertisement We live in a hyper-connected society, and being disconnected for four hours if you're in sales or marketing can be daunting-and seem like a major loss of time.

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    19 Tips For Closing A Deal On The Golf Course

    David Bradford, CEO of HireVue, is an avid networker who's forged key relationships while playing golf. Here's a personal confession. I don't golf. However, many of the best entrepreneurs I know are not only great golfers, they are avidly skilled at the art of advancing a business relationship or even closing [...]

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    LA Times article and poll on the PGA speeding things up

    A current issue that has been a topic for debate is the possibility of a basketball-like shot clock on the PGA tour to help speed up the game. 

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    How golf helps drive the U.S. economy

    (CNN) -- The majors have been and gone for another year, but golf has officially entered its most money-spinning phase of the season. As the 2013 campaign reaches its climax an eye-watering $67 million in prize money will be on offer in the four FedEx Cup playoff events.

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    Study Reveals Golf Industry is Missing Mark to Attract, Retain Women

    As the golf industry searches for ways to attract new customers and retain current players, a recent research study would emphatically tell the industry that appealing to and appeasing women is a prudent path to economic health and well being.

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