Tools to start a start up

everything you need to know to excel at starting a start up! This will show you what tools have worked for others become successful! These are just links that will help you!

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    Small Business Web Applications

    Check out these 101 small business web applications - software in the cloud. The selections reflect the breadth of innovative ideas and new business pursuits at play in the small business technology cloud landscape. From sales to legal to productivity tools, we can attest that the small business technology is alive.&nbsp;<br><br>This is very important to read if your a small business owner. It offers a lot of information and tools that can better your company.

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    Business Software Reviews

    Review, Compare and Evaluate small business software. also&nbsp;has software offers, SaaS and Cloud Apps, independent evaluations and reviews! This is another website to get software reviews!

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    Tools of the trade

    If your landing page provider stops providing service, it's probably easy to recover if you have copies of all the email address collected. If your planning and project management tool disappears with all your data, there could be a significant cost. This is a list from the popular Hacker news. If you don't know what Hacker news is its a popular site that talks about start ups and other tech related topics. &nbsp;This list will help you with trade!

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    App Marketing Tools For Developers

    Over the last few years, a lot of tools and services have been created for app developers. We can try and compare some of them, but obviously not all. Here is a list of a lot of them to help developers!<br><br>This is targeted for developers, if your not a developer some of the apps may be hard for you to understand.

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    Startup Weekend Tools

    Start up Weekend is a 54 hour event where developers,designers, marketers,managers and start up enthusiasts come together to launch start ups! Here is a database of resources that startup companies use to help their business become real!

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    Online Business Resources

    Information is the key to good business decisions. There is a great deal of good information freely available on the Web. The following websites provide a starting point for your business research activities. They are arranged in categories to help you expedite your search. By this site being broken down into categories it makes it easier on you!

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    Startup tools

    Here are some more tools that can save you time and avoid reinventing the wheel.

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    AlternativeTo for start ups

    znc is an IRC proxy. It runs as a daemon and connects to IRC server, then allows you to connect from a workstation and work as the user that is logged in to the IRC server. After you disconnect, it maintains.&nbsp;Tell them what application you want to replace and they will&nbsp;give you great alternatives, based on user recommendations!

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    Services & Tools

    This is a list offering links and descriptions of helpful services that can help you with starting a start up. &nbsp;The list offers many tools that your start up might have(Twitter, Dropbox) but, also offers services you might not have used such as&nbsp;Heroku! Check out the list and see what you need to start a great company!

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    Software Advice

    This shows you how to find the best software for your business. They have&nbsp;researched over 1000 systems and can identify the best solution for each buyer! This is another great website that helps you get your company started.

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    Find the best tools for your website

    Find tools for design, SEO, social media, video marketing, WordPress, landing page optimization, customer feedback, selling digital products, and more. It is so important to know these tools for your website!

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