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    how to correct wrong information on google

    Google provides different types of services all related to your personal and business use. For both the use user needs to update information and also the details can be edited time-to-time. Make sure that the details are entered or updated correctly for better use of the Google applications.

    Are you using Google Business? Google user can edit the Google MyBusiness listings to ensure relevant business information on Google. Details should be correct and accurate to get the perfect results.

    Here are the steps to edit business information –

    Sign in to ‘Google My Business’.

    Make sure that you are using the card view and switch to card view if you are not by clicking the cards icon.

    Choose the listings that you are looking to manage and click ‘Info’ from the menu.

    Check the sections that you want to change and then enter the information in the box that appears. Click the ‘X’ next to the section you like to delete.

    Click on ‘Apply’.

    Any type of problem in Google Maps? To edit the business in Google Maps edit the business listings. To know more about it dial Google map Customer Service phone number where

     You can get lot of assistance and help over this number. Get the best solutions and troubleshooting steps that will help you immensely.

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    How To Park A Domain in Cpanel

    Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be parked. In addition, a domain will not be functional unless it is configured to point to the same name servers as your primary domain.

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    My Website is Not Loading, Opening or Working

    Due to some DNS or other server issue website not working or opening on your device such as chrome, internet explorer to relaod the page correctly over the internet.

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    Recover Apple Account Password Without Phone Number|Email,Security Question

    Obtain instant and quick assistance to know how to recover Apple Account without Phone Number, without email, without security question.

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    Gmail Password Recovery|Reset Tricks If Hacked

    For Gmail Password Recovery 2 step authentication must for everyone otherwise attackers will not take time to hack your account so some tricks are available to safe your gmail account now.

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