Using Git with Visual Studio

This is a quick tutorial for visual studio developers that have never used Git before

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    Getting Started with Git in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Service

    You can now use Visual Studio to manage all of your remote and local repositories without any ever needing to jump to the scary command line tools.&nbsp; The VS team has nicely mapped all of the needed Git commands so that they fit nicely right next to your TFS repositories.&nbsp; But there are still some basic Git philosophies that you need to understand in order to be successful.<br>

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    How to use Git complete notes

    I gave a presentation on how to use Git in Visual Studio and here is a step by step guide from my notes.

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    Using Git and TFS at the same time

    git-tfs allows you to create a local Git repository where you can do daily checkins&nbsp; and then since these back to TFS when you are ready.&nbsp; This is a great way to setup a personal workflow. <br>

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    Visual Studio Tools for Git extension

    Extension to integrate Git directly into Visual Studio 2012<br>

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