Using Pinterest to Sell Your Artwork

If you're a visual artist, Pinterest is an outstanding place to promote your work. The social network has grown exponentially over the last couple years and doesn't seem to be stopping.

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    The Pinterest Guide to Selling Art Online

    There are a few general tips to selling on Pinterest - use digital photos of your work, reference your other boards, show the progress of your work (even when it's not finished), and use the site for brainstorming. This article dives deeper into those tactics and some others.

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    Pinterest for Artists

    This is a talk about how artist can use Pinterest to sell their art. They discuss the benefits and give some tips on navigating Pinterest. The talk about Pinterest starts about 8 and a half minutes into the talk.

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    How to Sell your Art on Pinterest

    Here is some great advice on how to use Pinterest to increase traffic to your website and sell your artwork. There are also some great examples of artist on Pinterest that you should take a look at.

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    Utilizing Pinterest

    Here is an article that suggests some ways to utilize Pinterest to get people seeing and purchasing your art.

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    Tips on Selling Art

    This is a Pinterest board with videos and other useful content about how to sell your art. There are suggestions for selling art in a variety of settings.

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