Validating business ideas

Do you have an idea to start a business? Here are some tools and strategies you can use to simplify and validate it. This saves you time and money. It also ensures people will want whatever you're doing. That's pretty important, right?

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    Are YOU a Wantrepreneur?

    Really funny, and incredibly realistic. Probably a great place to start when you have a business idea.

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    How to Build a Lean Startup and Save Money and Time with Eric Ries

    AppSumo Action Video Lean Startup w Eric Ries Paul interviews Eric Ries, entrepreneurs in residence at Harvard and author of the upcoming book "The Lean Startup" This full video covers topics like: Highlight points. How to start thinking about improving your business on the fundamental level to become more efficient.

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    Lean Canvas: Your Startup Blueprint

    This is an outstanding tool to get your thoughts organized. Lean Canvas forces you to distill the essence of your product. You have 30 seconds to grab the attention of an investor over a metaphorical elevator ride, and 8 seconds to grab the attention of a customer on your landing page.

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    Sumo Dojo - What do entrepreneurs do all day?

    Noah & Nev take on the question: " what exactly do you DO all day?" A lot of people wonder that if you DON'T have to show up in an office all the time, what exactly is your day like?

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    Printable Lean Canvas

    If it's easier for you to print the Lean Canvas and physically fill it out, you should do that.

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    How to Use the Validation Board to Test Your Startup Idea

    Get your free copy of the Validation Board here: The Validation Board is a free tool to test your startup idea without wasting time or money. After launching on PandoDaily, TheNextWeb, & Betabeat, thousands of entrepreneurs have used the Validation Board to build better products.

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    Simple Lean Canvas Tutorial

    A simple explanation of how to use the Lean Canvas.

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    Printable Validation Board

    This a great way to test your assumptions. Expand the image and print it out. you could also use a projector to project it on a white board. Then test and fill out accordingly.

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    Lean Canvas Workshop with Ash Maurya

    Ash Maurya gave an excellent workshop in Brussels about how to use the Lean Startup canvas and methodology step by step to help starters build their companies from scratch. Using his own experience with CloudFire as an example he gives a very practical and insightful presentation and workshop.

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    Noah Kagan explains how he started AppSumo

    About an hour long, but it's a real example of how you start a business and validate.

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