Visual Thinking

For visual learners and thinkers. For anyone who likes to doodle. For anyone who believes that putting things down on paper opens up the creative process.

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    What is Visual Thinking? |

    What Is Visual Thinking? Visual thinking is a body of methodologies that uses diagrams to represent ideas, concepts, process flows and relationships. Generally, ideas and concepts are represented by images and text, and connected by lines to show associat

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    The Concise: Visual Thinking & Entrepreneurship

    When invited to write something about our latest business venture in the context of visual thinking and entrepreneurship, this got me analyzing exactly how we had arrived where we now are and where we are going. My understanding of entrepreneurship is seeing a business opportunity and following it, all with an element of passion and risk!

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    Visual learning and outlining in the classroom |

    Learn how visual learning techniques such as graphic organizers, concept maps and outlines can help students at all levels achieve academic success.

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    VizThink | Interactive Scale Of The Universe

    On the order of Charles and Ray Eames' Powers of Ten, here's an interactive graphic that helps one visually comprehend relationships of scale. Move the giant slider to zoom in and out to view the relative size of various things ranging from seriously microscopic out to seriously far-off deep space.

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    Announcing: Visualization In Learning Report Released

    It took a little longer than we expected to create, but the Visualization in Learningresearch report is finally here and the wait was well worth it. This report was developed in conjunction with the great people at Brandon-Hall Research, and in particular, our co-writer on this report, Tom Werner.

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    How Visual Thinking Improves Writing

    Younger kids typically love to draw and aren't too worried about the outcomes of their artwork - until they get older. By the time they've learned to read and write, art takes a back burner to academics, primarily because of what most schools prioritize.

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