Climate change impacts the Winter Olympics

Climate change is already affecting this year's Winter Olympics and will impact the Olympics for years to come.

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    Will climate change kill the winter Olympics?

    Listen to this Public Radio International report to better understand what is going on.

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    Climate change threatens Winter Games

    This is an official report from researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada and Management Center Innsbruck in Austria.

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    Climate Change Leaves Sochi Winter Games With Lack Of Snow - Science News - redOrbit

    Russian must deal with lack of snow at this year's Winter Olympics. Find out what steps they have taken.

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    Winter Olympics Inadvertently Adapting to Climate Change

    Here is a more in-depth article about what is being done to battle climate change in Sochi, what has been done at past Games and what might be done for future Winter Games.

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    Winter Olympics — Downhill forecast

    This inforgraphic shows how climate change is affecting ski slopes worldwide.

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    Skiers, snowboards and other Winter Olympic athletes know the Winter Games face trouble from climate change. Read this letter 75 winter athletes wrote to President Obama, urging him to act on climate change.

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    Sochi Winter Olympics are warm, but it's not a problem -

    This article explains how the climate in Sochi is warmer than many other Winter Olympic host cities, regardless of climate change.

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    Warm weather causing problems for outdoor sports at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games

    Warm weather is affecting Olympic athletes in Sochi. Find out more in the article.

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    Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Ground Zero for Avalanches?

    A warmer climate in Sochi is one factor that makes this area a prime site for avalanches.

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