Weather Unit: Grade 2

This toolset includes lesson plans, activities, and resources for a 2nd grade weather unit.

  1. water_cycle diagram.jpg

    This diagram represents the water cycle and provides a visual for each stage of the cycle.

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  2. Water Cycle Song | Sing. Dance. Learn.

    The Water Cycle Song is a Science song that teaches the three phases of the water cycle: Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. The...

  3. Water Cycle Song

    A song of the Hydrological Cycle a.k.a. the water cycle. It's to the tune of oh my darling. It's easy to remember. *Note: this song is be...

  4. Weather Words Definitions

    This site can be used to choose words and definitions for your students. The site is weather specific and provides a wide array of terms,...

  5. cloud_images_labels.jpg

    This resource provides real-life images of the various types of clouds. It also includes an indication of cloud location in the sky (high...

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  6. Weather Jeopardy.pptx

    This is an interactive PowerPoint that serves as a review for the weather unit. It is formatted as a Jeopardy game and can be used on a S...

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  7. Weather_review_LP.pdf

    This lesson plan can be used to review content from the Weather Unit. It can be used at the conclusion of the unit or throughout in order...

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  8. Weather_Post-Assessment.pdf

    This is a post-assessment for the 2nd grade weather unit. This assessment demonstrates various methods of testing (written and verbal) an...

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  9. 2nd Grade -Calendar & Weather Book

    This is a simple activity that allows weather to become a part of students' daily lives.

  10. Thermometers

    These activities allow students to explore the use of a thermometer and ultimately create their own.

  11. Investigation 3 - Wind & Anemometer

    This activity helps students measure and record the speed and direction of wind.

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