Websites to Submit Your Startup to Find Beta Testers

If you're launching a startup or web app, chances are you're looking for some early adopters, or at least some people to test things out. Without help, these might be hard to find. There's actually becoming a nice cottage industry around early adopter websites. Here are some places you can submit.

  1. - "The World's Best Early Adopter" Site

    This will run you $149 (or a little bit more depending on the timing), but you'll be included in a newsletter that goes out to 30,000+ re...

  2. - submit only private, pre-launch start-ups

    This is a great site to submit only if you're private and pre-launch. This pretty much means you need to have a landing page only, and ca...

  3. - Submit for $25 and get feedback

    It doesn't sound like they have quite the volume of following as other sites, but it's much cheaper (only $25) to submit your start-up. J...

  4. - Blog for reviewing new startups

    This is another free submission site. Once they approve you, they'll feature your startup and send it out to 2,000+ followers.

  5. Startup Bird - a database of new startups

    This is a free submission, and you should hear back within a couple business days. Once you're approved, you'll go in the database!

  6. 8 Websites To Submit Your Startup To For Free Publicity

    Launching a startup isn't easy. There are countless things to do and one of the biggest jobs is to try and get press coverage in a time w...

  7. Submit your startup

    Do not bother to send us press releases. Use this form instead.

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