What is Helpified?

Helpified is an online tool that makes learning from others and sharing what you know easy. Users can sign up for free and upload anything from the web (such as videos, web pages, e-books, podcasts, documents - you name it), and organize those resources into visual guides that we call toolsets. Helpified can be used for organizing learning material in classrooms, simplifying client education, personal discovery and skill building, and even to promote your business.

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    Helpified's Founder Bio

    This is the homepage of Shane Hvizdzak, the founder of Helpified. Here, you'll see some of his other projects, social media profiles and more biographical information. Shane started the company in 2012 after he graduated from St. Bonaventure University.

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    Helpified's Press Page

    Some further information on Helpified. This also includes access to any media-related material such as our logos and graphics. We'd love for you to utilize them!

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    Helpified Frequently Asked Questions

    We update these questions quite a bit to make sure we're staying on top of any issues that users are having.

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    Helpified.com Privacy Policy

    Like any site where you sign up and input data, we do have access to some (albeit very limited) information on you (only that which you input). All of our data is encrypted and completely secure.

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    Helpified.com FTC Affiliate Disclosure

    We generate some revenue through affiliate links on the site. You should always keep in mind that any link you see on Helpified that goes to a third party off of the site could potentially generate revenue for us, as a company. No links are added out of bad faith, but legally you have to know this.

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    Helpified.com Terms of Service

    Our terms of service gives the specific on the expectations for users and for us, as a company. You should always read through any application's terms of service prior to using it.

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    A little bit about Helpified

    Here is some information from our about page on the company that includes how and why we started.

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