Beyond the Resume

Alright, so you've read my resume and cover letter. Are you still wondering who I am? Here are 8 facts about me.

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    Here's a Visual

    Okay, I know this isn't a fact, but I figured a picture is a good place to start. 

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    Where I've Been

    Here is a map of the places I've lived, worked and studied. 

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    My Dog, Maggie

    If you're going to learn one fact about me, know that I love my dog, Maggie. She's a beagle mix that was born on my family's farm, and one of my favorite things about coming home from school is seeing Maggie.

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    I'm a Nerdfighter

    If you're wondering what a nerdfighter is, watch this video. DFTBA

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    I Live to Travel

    One of the things I love to do most is travel. I can't wait to have more opportunities as I get older to see the world. 

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    I Prefer to Ride my Bike

    My favorite mode of transportation is riding my bike. I live near the Katy Trail, and I go for frequent bike rides in the summer. 

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    Committed to Service

    I am an active member of Alpha Sigma Gamma, a service sorority at Truman State. Every year, I complete 50+ hours of service as a member of ASG. Even after I graduate, I plan to stay committed to serving my community and the world. 

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    Where am I Going?

    I have plans. Big plans. I want to study abroad in Scotland, graduate from Truman State with English and Communication's degrees and start an exciting career in a big city. However, I'm not sure want I want that career to be. Interning at Moosylvania will help me figure that out. 

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