Writing, Promoting and Publishing your eBook: A Guide

If you've got a passion for writing (I do!) or have a particular subject you want to share with the world, an eBook can be your outlet. Instead of getting it published and put in paperback or hardcopy, you can publish it online as an eBook (because, let's be honest - 1/4 of Americans own some form of tablet, and eBook readership has increased drastically in recent years.) This toolset will help you sift through the issues of writing, promoting and publishing your eBook. Good luck!

  1. 4 Ebook Writing Tips that Will Help You Go from Average to Awesome

    Writing is a tricky thing to master. But even if the subject you're writing about is a little dry (I'm looking at you, politics) you need...

  2. Tips for Writing a Great eBook

    This resource emphasizes how important it is to break down the steps necessary to write your eBook.

  3. 7 Tips for Writing & Publishing Your First Ebook

    This might be my favorite resource. Roger Parker lays out 7 awesome tips that are both helpful and practical, withone of the most importa...

  4. 6 Tips For Writing White Papers & eBooks That Convert Sales

    Tom Martin over at ConverseDigital gives you 6 tips for writing an eBook -- and converting it into sales. (Writing might be your passion,...

  5. How to Use Ebooks Strategically and Reach Your Content Marketing Goals

    There are differences with publishing formats, so it's important to know which is which. Pamela Wilson at copyblogger gives you these as ...

  6. First Person: Ebook Marketing Tips

    K.W. Callahan, a Yahoo! Finance contributor, gives a first-hand account of his eBook trials and tribulations. He also gives you some tips...

  7. eBooks Software Review

    An eBooks software review for 2013, which gives you your best options and some reviews.

  8. How to self-publish an ebook

    David Carnoy gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to self-publish your eBook.

  9. The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on Amazon's Kindle Platform

    We get more good stufffrom copyblogger, this time byPaul Jun. He gives you his ultimate guide to publishing on Amazon's Kindle, which mig...

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