Your Options for Creating a Launch Page

You want to start a business, website, app, etc. The best way to do it is by creating a launch page. Obviously, you can custom code the launch page without the help of this toolset. Use this toolset to understand your easiest options for getting something up and running

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    LaunchRock - Perhaps the Quickest and Most Popular Way

    If you're looking for the easiest way to set up a launch page, this is probably it. This is completely free, and is pretty flexible. You can host it on a LaunchRock subdomain (e.g. or you can purchase a domain (through LaunchRock or map your own domain) to host the LaunchRock page. This app gives you the ability to set up an email capture and collect stats and info.

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    Use the Launch Effect Wordpress Theme

    Launch Effect is a free theme that allows you to pretty quickly get a theme up with an email capture. Each person that enters their email is given a unique trackable link to share (which you can set rewards for). All the tracking is done in your Wordpress back-end. It works pretty slick. There is a premium theme that you can pay for if you want extra features. There are some other options, but this is the best. You can potentially use a "Coming Soon" plugin or theme, but that requires some unnecessary hacking.

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    RailsApps ยท Rails Prelaunch Signup Application

    If you're a rails developer and want to code this instead of taking a more automated route, use this open-source code to create your launch page with rails.

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    Create A/B Split Tests with Unbounce

    This is more complicated and costs, at the cheapest $49/month. It's not specifically for launch pages, but can be used to create one. The most important feature is the ability to create A/B split tests to test your messaging.

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    KickOffLabs App

    Again, like Unbounce, one of the main purposes of KickOffLabs is to be used to create split tests. This works very similarly to The Launch Effect Wordpress Theme, except it costs $29/month, at the cheapest.

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    Use a "Coming Soon" Wordpress Plugin

    You have quite a few options here. This links to a Coming Soon plugin from If you search "coming soon" in the Wordpress plugin directory, you'll find quite a few options similar to this.

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    LaunchGator - A LauchRock Clone

    Create a simple and easy to use viral page for your new product launches. Collect emails and allow people to spread the word about your product for free. This really isn't much different from LaunchRock, just perhaps a little simpler with less features.

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    My Beta List App

    This is very similar to Kickoff Labs. It's currently in private beta, but you can request access. It allows you to create a launch page and track unique links once users have signed up.

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