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What is Helpified?

Helpified is a simple way to save and organize anything on the Internet. It’s a platform that allows you to grab any piece of the web – a full article, a few sentences, videos, images, forms, snippets of code, applications, or literally anything that you find helpful – and organize it into sets based on how it helped you. We like to think of it as a way to easily organize your own step-by-step tutorials.

Unlike many other bookmarking platforms, our focus is on sharing and displaying the things that you save. Other users can easily find your profile on Helpified, and see all of the sets you’ve created. They can follow the set, and will be updated every time a change occurs. As we scale, we’ll be adding a number of other features to make sharing and interacting with others on and off the site, as easy as possible.

How does Helpified Help?

Everyone wants to create content on the web. Helpified allows you to create useful and actionable content just be organizing other resources (or pieces of resources) that you’ve found on the web that help you. It couldn’t be easier. Thousands of people are searching around the web looking to accomplish the same things every day.

Simply by saving what you already know, and helping yourself, you’re providing value to other people that need to know the same thing. When our users work together and build off the experiences and knowledge of one another, they’ll come up with better solutions in a shorter amount of time. Think of it as an open-source method to task completion.

We believe that algorithms are only helpful to a certain extent. If you need something direct and quick, jump on a search engine, and you’ll find your solution. However, if you’re trying to learn something, or understand enough about a task to complete it, there is a good chance you’re using multiple resources (perhaps an online tool or app, a video, a tutorial, and a couple articles). Putting the right pieces together, in that case, could take days of your valuable time.

About Our Founder – Shane Hvizdzak

Shane founder

Shane Hvizdzak

Founder, CEO

While Shane was going to college at St. Bonaventure University, he never found the time to get a real job. He was a basketball player with workouts throughout the entire year and summer, with classes on top.

Being a broke college student, he decided to start a web business that he could run on his own time. As a marketing major, though, he had no idea how to build a website. And, starting a business was a pretty overwhelming task. Things like getting customers, legally structuring your business, organizing expenses, paying taxes – you know, typical stuff you should understand to run a business, were not that intuitive.

After a couple years of obsessive research and producing some of the worst looking websites the web has ever seen, Shane found some glaring issues with how we figure out things on the Internet.

All of the information that he needed was on the web somewhere, but it took months of scouring search engines, forums, biased reviews, and incorrect or outdated information to find it. The process was a nightmare. Shane decided he wanted to do everything possible to make this process suck less for the next entrepreneur trying to start a business.

From there, Helpified was born. Instead of spending months sifting through search engines, you can find everything you need to know, in the order you need it – absolutely free.

Company Overview

Helpified was founded in 2012 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Our team works almost remotely and our founder can be located in Bradford, Pittsburgh, and Austin, TX – or somewhere in between.

We launched validation tests of Helpified from January of 2012 until October 2012. The beta version of the Helpified platform launched in December of 2012.

Our Logos and Icons

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