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How is Helpified useful for students?

  • Create an online resume and portfolio in seconds
  • Much easier than creating and managing a website
  • Save and organize your classroom materials and research
  • Collaborate with peers and instructors privately and publicly
  • Have access to thousands of resources to develop your skills

Everything you’ve learned in one place

You spend most of your school life trying to make sense of information presented to you or in your own research. Helpified gives you a place to visually organize any type of resource you come across. Keep it forever to refer back to what you learned. Display it any way you’d like to show employers and peers what you know.

Better than a resume

Bullet points don’t tell the whole story. Make your hard work visual and obvious. Stand out amongst the competition.

Remember what you learned

Have you ever forgot what you learned the previous semester? Easily organize and catalogue notes, research and materials from every class.

Stay organized

Research and classroom resources can get overwhelming quickly. Put everything in order and create as many paths as you’d like.

Pick up new skills

Thousands of paths are already organized by people showing exactly what you need to learn a skill in the order you need it. Subscribe and start learning

Collaborate and Learn Together

Work together with your classmates on projects. Help each other learn by sharing documents and links. Easily see how other people are getting things done.

Become an authority

You make it easier for other people to gain knowledge and skills simply by organizing resources for yourself. Working together and learning with others is easier than doing it alone.

What customers say:

We always struggled with training clients and our own employees. With Helpified, we have a simple way to manage all of that. It takes less than ten minutes per day to share and organize everything we need to help them.


We use Helpified in a number of ways. Publicly, to share information across our student body and privately for staff continuing education and to allow our professors easy access to learning materials for students. It couldn’t be simpler.

St. Bonaventure University

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