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Build a helpful web presence, and give your students the ability to build an online portfolio simply by interacting with you.
Discover, save and organize any type of teaching material from the web.

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How is Helpified useful for teachers?

  • Organize and share any type of media - videos, images, text, etc.
  • Upload your own documents or assessment material
  • Easily keep your material and examples updated and relevant
  • Discover and utilize resources used by other teachers
  • Individualize your teaching for remedial or advanced students

Everything you teach in one place

Books are expensive, and go out of date quickly. The internet is filled with useful and interactive teaching material to share with your students in class. Researching and coming up with new ideas for class every day is incredibly time consuming. Utilize a network full of other teachers, and an easy platform for saving, organizing and displaying resources to save you hours of time each week.

Individualize your teaching

Organize your materials into an unlimited amount of paths. You can order and display however you want. Find them right on your profile

Make your lessons visual

Videos and interactive lessons are great way to keep students engaged. Grab Khan Academy tutorials, presentations, or any other type of visual media.

Make it private or public

You have the option to make your paths private if you want to share with one or a small group of students.

Collaborate with other teachers

Why reinvent the wheel? Visit the profiles of other teachers, or invite your colleagues to see how they’re organizing resources for their classes.

Create value in no time

Find the best resources to bring into class with ease. Organize and add depth any way you’d like. Save time instead of piecing it together yourself.

Flip your classroom

Give students any time access to materials they need to prepare for class. Spend actual class time discussing and experimenting.

What customers say:

We always struggled with training clients and our own employees. With Helpified, we have a simple way to manage all of that. It takes less than ten minutes per day to share and organize everything we need to help them.


We use Helpified in a number of ways. Publicly, to share information across our student body and privately for staff continuing education and to allow our professors easy access to learning materials for students. It couldn’t be simpler.

St. Bonaventure University

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