How to Add a Resource?

What is a Resource?
A Resouce is any piece of media or content that you find helpful.
A Resource can be any page, image, video, audio, document, ebook, tools, app - you name it! There are two ways to add Resources - either upload one directly to Helpified from your computer or put in the URL.

First, create a Path for your discovered Resource.

Then use our Helpified bookmarklet or the Add+ button. Once your Path is created, you can put your resources in any order you’d like. Follow steps below to understand how to add resources.

Use bookmarklet

What Kind of Resources Can be Created?

Resources that can be easily added to a path include the following: full articles, text, video, images, documents, PDF’s, ebooks, or literally any type of media you can think of.

Get inspired!

How do I add a Resource to Helpified?

Choosing a Title

When you add a Resource to your created Path, the title of the actual Resource will be used. Make sure that your headline properly defines what pertains to the Resource. Leave an impression and make it stand out.

Resource title

Sneak Peak of the Content

Want to give users a sneak peak of your chosen Resource? You can pick any image you’d like, or Helpified will use an image from the Resource’s original page. If there is no image to be had, it will take a screenshot and use that instead.

Resource sneak peak

Tell the User What’s Inside

The description box allows you to give the user some background before they enter the Resource. Oftentimes, the flow of your Path will be dependent upon how you describe each individual Resource. Make the description complement the Title you’ve chosen.

Resource description 2

Categorize and Don’t Forget to Tag

To ensure that your Path/Resources are being seen by the eyes you’re targeting, put them into their corresponding category.
Tagging your Resources gives you a much better chance at other users reading and sharing your content.

Resource category

Explain the Content Type

Much like the Title and Description, give your users a heads-up as to what they’re about to see. Is it a video or infographic? Webpage? Click this button and apply it for each individual Resource you add.

Resource content type 2

Placing it into the Path

This is one of the most important steps when adding a new Resource. After you’ve gone through the necessary steps above, be certain to apply your first Resource into your newly-created Path. After the first one, it will do it automatically.

Resource path