Save any type of resource on the web that you find helpful to your Paths.

Organize helpful resources in the order you use them.

What resources can you add on Helpified?

Below is a simple list of resource types to get started with.

Web pages

Add any link on the web. If you find a blog post, article, tutorial, commentary or any other type of content page online, you can add it to one of your Helpified Paths.


One of the easiest ways to learn and experience things online is through video. Add just about any full video, clip, online class, series, screencast, or webinar to a Path.


Show users exactly what you’re talking about by providing images. These can include typical images and pictures you’d find on any site, or screenshots, annotations, charts, infographs, and even meme’s.


Locating a great book can help you understand the full landscape of whatever you’re doing. Most books will be links to product pages so they can be purchased.


Any online tool that is responsive and functional where users can input data and receive some sort of product or result is considered and application.


Add helpful presentations to your Path arsenal. This can include anything from Slideshare presentations, to powerpoints, keynote presenations and any other type of slideshow.


Another great compliment to applications and tutorials. Audio especially helpful to understand the commentary around a given industry or situation. This could include things like podcasts, audio books or even sound, noise or music samples.


This would include typical documents such as things created by Microsoft Word or Excel. They can also legal documents, embedded docs, or any other type of document accessed online.


Depending on the task, especially if it’s technical, plugins and add-ons can be extremely helpful if you know where to find them. They can simplifiy any process tenfold and add just about any functionality you would desire.


Anything that you can download from the web can be added to a Path. This includes ebooks, PDF’s, white-pages, docmements, and any other downloadable resource.