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Get Hosting for Your Domain


Obviously, if you have hosting and a domain, skip this step. In order to get the domain online, you need hosting. This is a link to Bluehost, a popular shared host. You can get your domain and hosting here (if you have a domain already, you can transfer it, but that's an extra step). You will get just about exactly the same service at a similar price as other hosting companies, such as GoDaddy. It will run about $90 per year, give or take. I've found Bluehost to be the easiest to use out of the hosting companies.GoDaddy is a little confusing, and their customer service is a lot worse than Bluehost if you run into any trouble. Just an FYI, any offers they give you outside of your regular hosting, you don't need. Just uncheck all of them.

Visit Bluehost


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