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Helpified is an online tool that organizes any type of resource into step by step learning paths.

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Use it as a company
to create custom learning material for your employees.

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Use it by yourself
to discover the easiest ways to learn new skills.

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Get your employees up to speed and ahead of the curve faster by organizing resources from the web into personalized learning paths.

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Easily measure progress and track results

Track each individual as they learn to measure their results. Create built-in quizzes for complete understanding.

Shane founder

"We always struggled with training clients and our own employees. With Helpified, we have a simple way to manage all of that."

1st Labs

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Completely personalized learning for every employee

Eliminate wasted time, and close skills gaps with completely personalized learning paths for any skill or learner.

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"We use Helpified to share information across our student body and privately for staff continuing education and to allow our professors easy access to learning materials for students. It couldn't be simpler."

St. Bonaventure University

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Cut Costs and Make More Money

Smarter, better trained employees will make more money. Using Helpified, you can achieve that at a fraction of the cost.

Shane founder

"It takes less than ten minutes per day to share and organize everything we need to help train clients and our own employees"

1st labs

Even more benefits

Seamless member onboarding

Easiliy invite your temamates, assign paths and track results just in minutes

Total team privacy

Reserve your own subdomain. Lock down your designs with the same 256-bit file encryption the Fortune 500 relies on.

Content as a service

Are you looking for learning materials? We can get personalized learning paths just for your needs

Helpified PRO features

Get unlimited private paths, collections, collaborators and upload storage as a PRO

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Everything you've learned in one place

Helpified gives you a place to visually organize any type of resource you come across.
Display it any way you'd like to show employers and peers what you know.
Keep it forever to refer back to what you learned.

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