Learning Ruby on Rails for beginners

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The very basics of learning Ruby on Rails. If you're brand new to Rails, here is where you should start!

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The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Programming Ruby 1.9

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About this Book Would you like to go from first idea to working code much, much faster? Do you currently spend more time satisfying the compiler instead of your clients or end users? Are you frustrated with demanding languages that seem to get in your way, instead of getting the work done?

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example

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Michael Hartl Contents to The syntax installs the latest version of the uglifier gem (which handles file compression for the asset pipeline) as long as it's greater than version 1.2.3-even if it's, say, version 7.2. Meanwhile, the code installs the gem coffee-rails (also needed by the asset pipeline) as long as it's lower than version 3.3.

Ruby on Rails Guides

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Start Here Getting Started with Rails Everything you need to know to install Rails and create your first application. Models Rails Database Migrations This guide covers how you can use Active Record migrations to alter your database in a structured and organized manner.

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