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Step 2 Get Rid of Spam Manually

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  1. One way to get rid of spam emails is by going into the "Comments" tab under your "Dashboard". The first way is to do it manually. Check out the comments and hover your mouse underneath the comment. Options will appear for you including marking the comment as spam. If you think the comment is spam, click on the option “Spam”. This can take some time but it will get the job done.

  2. Another manual way of getting rid of spam is by ticking on the small beside the comment and pressing the Shift key. Go all the way down to the bottom of the page and tick the last square button you see. This will tick all the squares between the first square and the last. If you see a comment that is not a spam, just untick the box. Go back up the page into the Bulk action box and click the dropdown arrow and click on Mark as Spam and click Apply. 

  3. The third way to do it is just by clicking the dropdown arrow beside Bulk Actions, click on Mark as Spam and then apply. Please Note that this will mark all comments as spam. It is advisable to check the comments first before doing this action.

Step 2 Get Rid of Spam Manually


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